What is BluiShortner?

BluiShortner, formerly, is a custom branded link shortener made by Blui Media. To ensure the best user experience, Blui Media uses BluiShortner, with aid from third parties, to gather analytics and warn users about harmful sites. The link shortening service is powered by Bitly. The domains associated with BluiShortner are operated by Blui Media.

How does BluiShortner work? takes long links and creates an alias, as a result shortening them. Both links are stored in a database. Whenever a user goes to the shortened link, BluiShortner redirects he or she to the original link. Since traffic is going through BluiShortner instead of directly to the original link, this process allows us to gather analytics and scan for threats.

How can I use BluiShortner?

Most links shared by us are shortened using BluiShortner. In order to prevent unauthorized attacks, a broswer that supports TLS 1.2 or above is required for BluiShortner to work efficiently (most modern browers support TLS 1.2). When a user clicks on a shortened link that is identified as potentially dangerous, he or she is warned with an error message. However, only internal members can create shortened links with BluiShortner.

What is the Legacy Link Portal?

The subdomain '' is used for the Legacy Link Portal. Any shortened link created before July 24, 2018 is considered a legacy link. During that time, changes to our API (Application Program Interface) made existing links cease to function. As a result, we created the Legacy Link Portal. The Legacy Link Portal allows legacy links to continue to function under a different domain/subdomain. Most legacy links have been converted to use the portal. Links shared on or after July 24, 2018 do not need to use the portal or will already be converted. Advanced users: If a legacy link is not already using the portal, you can simply convert it by adding 'lgcy.' in front of the domain. This only applies to BluiShortner links on the '' domain.


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